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Ode to Gerry Barber

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  • June 14th - Nepean Sailing Club - details to come
  • June Online Show - details to come
  • July 6th - Manotick Annual Story-Telling Concert - (Solo) Details to come
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Paul Weber is a bilingual singer-songwriter, guitarist, storyteller and video documentary maker who has performed across Canada in various incarnations. Paul believes we need to tell our own stories; stories that sometimes don't get told.

Paul Weber est un auteur-compositeur-interprète, guitariste, conteur et réalisateur de documentaires vidéo bilingues qui sont produits partout au Canada dans diverses incarnations. Paul croit que nous devons raconter nos propres histoires; Des histoires qui parfois ne sont pas racontées.

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Ode to Gerry Barber Album
Inspired by a fire and born during a pandemic, Paul Weber's album “Ode to Gerry Barber” is full of stuff that doesn't always make it into the history books. This is a heartfelt album about eastern Ontario communities, stories past and present. Song subjects range from a famous local bouncer, the collapse of the Heron Road Bridge, the building of the Rideau Canal, Ottawa's first train, homeless people on Murray Street, why Ottawa isn't "Ottawa”, growing up in Vanier/Eastview, the days of the circus parade, the Great Fire of 1870, what it’s like to live in an Ottawa rooming house, and how to mansplain.

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Alternatively, just send Paul an email at and he’ll tell you how you can buy it directly from him (best option for the artist) using Interac, cheque, or cash. You can also pick up a copy at Compact Music in the Glebe.

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High quality, black t-shirts available in all sizes. With original multi-coloured design by Ottawa artist An Nguyen. You can purchase the t-shirt on Bandcamp. Due to high shipping costs, Ottawa-area orders can be hand-delivered on request for $3. To arrange this purchase contact me directly at

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Past 2024
  • January 10th - Live on Elgin, Hosting open stage
  • February 4th - House Concert
  • February 25 and 26th - in studio recording next CD!
  • March 5 - Vibration Studios in Osgoode
  • March 25th - House Concert, hosted by Tina St. John and Nick Heisler.
  • April 13th - Solo at Song-Along event
  • April 25 - Live on CKCU, in the CKCU studio!
  • April 22 - Live on CKCU at St. Andrew's Church
  • April 22 - Vibration Studios in Osgoode
  • April 23 - Irene's Pub, Grassroots festival, Ottawa
  • June 2 - Benefit for Howie Hooper, fight cancer fundraiser
  • June 3 -House Concert
  • June 4 - Chesterville Art in the Park
  • June - in Little Bullhorn studios recording
  • July 30 - Ottawa Historical 125th Anniversary
  • August 26 - Barnstorm, Finch Ontario
  • October 21 - Moose McGuire's - Tunes Afternoon
  • November 4 - Cafe Meow
  • December 2 - Benefit Show for Afghan Refugee Family
  • January 10 - Ottawa Historical Society
  • House concert, Friday, May 10th, details to come
Paul has been kicking around Ottawa since the early 1970s when his parents fled the U.S. in search of a calmer place to raise kids. Paul has worked sweeping stairs, waiting tables, working in a homeless shelter, trouble-shooting rooming house issues for the City of Ottawa, and for the last decade paying the bills by working for the federal government. He has successfully led, performed in and managed several groups, including Cheza (1991 - 2012) and the Main Street Market Band (2013-2018). He has performed at festivals such as the Montreal Jazz Festival, the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Dawson City Music Festival, the Hamilton Festival of Friends, the Ottawa Folk Festival and Toronto's Harbour-front, to name a few.

Paul is also an amateur video maker and he’s been making some short videos about various historical locations in Ottawa.
You can find the series here.


For more videos, check out Paul's 
YouTube Channel.

You can reach Paul at, or via Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or TikTok