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cheza_cd Cheza's first CD was released in March '96 and quickly carved out a niche in the Canadian world music scene. This full length, self-titled CD was assisted by a grant from FACTOR and ably produced by then drummer Ross Murray. Much of the music was recorded deep in the woods of Low Quebec, where the band lived for 7 days, playing and recording music. Most of the songs were written by Paul Weber with band members arranging the music. This album made into on the top 25 of the year for the CBC show Roots and Wings.

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cd2-small-2Shaker was recorded during 1999 with the able assistance of Bill Stunt from the CBC. Most of the original tracks were recorded at the Sound of One Hand Studios in Ottawa. The CD was mixed at the Tragically Hip's Bathouse Studios by Ken Freisen and the members of Cheza. On this album we tried to go for a live sound -- several of the songs were recorded on the spot with few overdubs. This album features songwriting from four of Cheza's members and arrangements by the band.

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